The Inner Game of Pickleball Story

I played my first game of pickleball on April 30, 2020, and I was instantly hooked. Quite honestly, pickleball was my savior throughout this tumultuous time in our history. And, if anyone asks me if anything positive came out of 2020, I would definitely answer: pickleball. Yup, I confess, my name is Rick, and I’m a pickleball addict.

The Inner Game of Pickleball is all about being your go-to website when you’re shopping for Pickleball clothing. We print our original designs on only the best materials, none of that cheap crap you’ll lose in the back of your closet. You’ll feel proud to wear our fun assortment of swag to the court.

In addition to being a designer, I am also a writer. My work has appeared in over 40 publications including the L.A. Times, Playboy Magazine, and ESPN Magazine My first column in Pickleball Magazine appears in the March 2021 issue. I invite you to follow along with my writing, and unique insight, on the Inner Game of Pickleball Facebook group, and also on YouTube where I offer free video tutorials on the sport.

Thanks for your passion, and interest in the Inner Game of Pickleball. By the way, YES, that ball WAS going out! Get over it!

– Rick Cipes